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The Presidents Club is an initiative started by Urbytus in April 2013. The idea is nothing but sharing expertise and knowledge. No one teaches you how to run a community and many communities have similar problems.

The Presidents Club is a platform created by Ali Parandeh to allow community Presidents to share their expertise as community president / committee member and help each other.

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Together we can make a better community!

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Whether you are an owner, committee member or president, I have been in your position.

I understand how to difficult it is to run a community in harmony?

I have seen good and bad administration

I have worked with committee members and disagreed with them

I have attended hundreds of community meetings

And in the process...

I have helped administrators

I have helped communities improve communication and transparencies.

I have helped presidents and committee member improve the way the run their community.

I have improved community meetings.

A message from the founder:

Ali Parandeh

Ali Parandeh Founder of The Presidents Club

Founder of: The Presidents Club | Urbytus | PC Doctor | Current mentor & Business Strategy Advisor, Author, Trainer and Key Note Speaker

After nearly 11 years of being part of committee and also president of his community, Ali has now setup to help other communities in order to help improve communication and transparency.

In communities it is common for issues to get left undone, from one year to another, you know nothing and suddenly at an AGM / EGM you have to decide about a large number of items for which you don’t have enough information or have not had time to review.

And if you are the president you have the thankless job of dealing with the above for no pay.

Communities I helped to improve efficiency
Administrators I helped
AGM/EGM and committee meetings attended
AGM/EGM s imporoved trough the use of software prior to engagement

Have you been appointed as President of your Community?

Do you know your responsibilities as a President? Do you really know the law regarding the Data Protection Act? Do you know the Horizontal Property Law?

How do you communicate with owners & administrators?

Day in, day out, we see Presidents who are out of touch with the owners, keep the community files on their personal computers and have no system for keeping track of the work in progress.

Do you have a question?
Ask our experts!

We have selecte a key number of experts, who are leaders and well respected figures in their field of Horizontal Property Law and Community Administration.

Together we can make a better community!Meet and exchange ideas with other presidents

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