What our clients think about us

What our clients think about us

They setup OCM for our community two years ago. I don´t have a computer or internet connection, but my granddaughter checks everything for me every week and tells me about everything that´s going on. It is really good to know what is going and seeing everyone in the community help so much. I never thought our administrator was actually doing so much work, but now she tells me about all the jobs and repairs that they have to deal with and when they are scheduled. This is most important to me as my only means of getting out of the apartment is the lift and before I never knew when it was or was not working.

Dorothy Campbell

At first I thought we will never use this software and I voted against it, but now I am on it every day. Helping the community with various issues and keeping everyone informed. It is even simpler than Hotmail. I have to apologise for being so negative at the beginning, OCM has more to offer and simpler to use than I anticipated. The more I think about it the more pleased I am with the system … especially the task Management aspects.

Jose Luis and Maria Teresa

I have been the president of my urbanization for three years and it used to be a nightmare keeping everyone informed and happy. Now I just update the website a few times a week and it is all there. Our AGMs are so much more fluid and most of all my wife Marta is so much happier as I spend less time with repetitive community issues.

Juan Gómez Herrera and Marta

We live in UK and only visit our holiday home 3 or 4 times a year. Ever since OCM was setup for our community we deal with everything online when we are in UK, so that when we come to Spain we are no more bothered about community issues and spend the time enjoying the sun and the sea. Also thanks to the OCM news we receive a good list of all upcoming activities and events before we arrive so we already have our agenda filled up with all the good suggestions. Thank you for the OCM news and making our community life so much easier.

Ken and Barbara Hallway

We are German and our Spanish and English is not really good. We always paid our community fees on time but never attended any AGM. When OCM was installed in our community, they should us how it works in two minutes and we cannot thank them enough. We login in our language and see and read everything in German. Some of the translation is funny but it makes the experience even more fun. We understand more about what is going on in our community and we always give our proxy voting online. At our age, the internet maybe difficult to learn and use but it is the best thing for us as walking and driving gets harder, day by day. Well done Urbytus team.

Stefan and Tina Jensen