If your company deals directly with presidents or the administrators and you believe that our services can be sold or provided together, or that we can help each other’s customer base grow, then we would like to hear from you.

Although we prefer to have partners at national level, we equally would like to hear from those who work at provincial or even local.

What is important, is to be able to provide a complimentary service to our clients that is beneficial to all parties.

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On the 1 June 2015, Urbytus has signed a new contract with Laundrop. Laundrop provides an innovative system in particular for communities. Technology is here to make our lives easier and Laundrop have used it just for that purpose.

Forget the trips to the dry cleaning shop. Simply leave everything that requires dry cleaning in the Laundrop lockers in your community, send a text with the Locker number to 951 140 164 and pass by a few days later to pick them up. No more dragging of clothes to and from Shopping Centres, not to mention the occasional bad luck when you drop them. Laundrop is providing Urbytus clients with a special life long 5% discount.

On the 22nd of February 2013, the Malaga & Melilla College of Property Administrators signed an agreement with Urbytus that fortifies the integaration of new technology in the property administration sector.

The College will act as a technical and legal advisor to Urbytus, provided it with the knowledge and insight of Administration and ensuring that the product is maintained to the higher standards. Urbytus will plan the integration of new modules and tools for optimizing the day to day running of an Administration office. The members of the College also have access to better rates than those published on the web. This agreement supports the administrator in the use and upgrading of its services to “cloud”, giving owners web access to their community information through individualized web platforms.