HOA Horror

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Let’s imagine an apartment building with ten floors, forty owners, a dozen service providers, and one HOA committee to deal with issues. The committee implements rules and bylaws that everyone need to follow. Not everyone likes them, of course. Conflict will arise.

Is electronic notification legally acceptable?

Management of communities of properties (comunidad de propietarios) in Spain and around the world is always a tricky task.  There are always owners who will not agree or fail to agree with their part of the responsibilities of paying community charges.  This in

What is a community of owners? Que es una comunidad de propietarios

In Spain, a community of owner or (Comunidad de Propietarios) is covered by law in article 396 of the Civil Act, where these type of properties are by character known as Horizontal Properties or (Propiedad Horizontal).  Horizontal Property in particular is

Community repairs? Now you can get a mortgage

As of the beginning of this summer (1 July 2011), presidents of communities can get a mortgage for their community. Up until now the law required that any mortgage that was taken out by a community required the signature of all the owners.