How do you communicate with owners & administrators?

How do you communicate with owners & administrators?

We encourage all our presidents to join the club and share their experience, but to help our members we have appointed a number of experts to help you with those questions that you still haven’t managed to find an answer for.

Many things happen in a community throughout the space of a year and it is not always important to notify everyone about every little detail, but a periodic newsletter that informs owners about the various updates, changes and improvements in a community make a huge difference in any community and the way the committee is seen and regarded as.

In several communities we have saved not just a thousand or two, but upto five thousand euros, replacing the notification service completely with our electronic mail.

It is simple, with over 174,362 logins in the space of 5 years we have not seen any owner who has not managed to find their way around the web. All owners have praised the service with a welcome. Using online tools only helps Presidents, Committee members and the Administrators to improve communication and reduce misunderstandings.

Take advantage of the tools and services that make your job easier,

transparent and efficient. Communicate using Urbytus.