Have you been appointed as President of your Community?

Have you been selected as the President of your community?

Congratulations. It is your turn to be the President, your turn to run the show, … your turn to serve. To serve your neighbours and be of service to your community. That’s what being a President is about. It is not about power and having it your way.

Whether through choice or serving your turn, you have the power to make the change and be of service. Improve the things around you and do your best. Imagine if all the Presidents were as good as you and did their best, wouldn’t everyone want to live in your community?

Being a Community President is a time consuming job, however given the right tools it does not have to be painful job. At Urbytus we have created a set of tools that you and us as Presidents find useful on a daily basis. The option to send newsletters and notifications by email, the option to to receive proxy votes online, store all documents and most important of all keep track of all tasks and jobs in an orderly manner with chronological notes.

We at Urbytus provide you with the tools and also the connection to other Presidents via our online platform “The Presidents Club” so you can do your job easier and better.