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Gazumping, Gazundering and Smart Contracts

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Perhaps two of the most flamboyant words in the dictionary. Their meanings, well… you certainly wouldn’t want to find out when you are close to purchasing or selling property!

Who will win the next elections? I can almost guarantee you my predictions

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It is election times again, not just in UK or Spain, but also very soon in the USA and with all the presidential campaigns; I cannot help but think of communities of properties. In fact communities of properties are pretty much the same. They have annual general meetings and elections….

Minimum Interest Rates in your Mortgage Contract!

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Millions of families across Spain, including a good number of expats, have contracted mortgages with interest rate floor clauses (“cláusulas suelo”, as they are commonly called in Spain), which prevented them from taking advantage of the very low mortgage interest rates which have occurred due to the decline in the…

Presidents Club, Second Quarterly Meeting

At the end of January 2014 beginning of 2014, Presidents of Urbanizations attended the Presidents Club at Urbytus.   The event was well attended by Presidents from Mijas Costa, Alhuarin to Marbella.

Urbytus signs an agreement with HiFX for better community fees

There’s a lot to be said for living in a ‘community of owners’. Communal costs are shared so you get to enjoy facilities like gardens, pools, and tennis courts for a fraction of the cost. But at times like this, when the economic going gets tough, many we spoke to…

How Smart is your Home?

From the tablet we use to browse the Internet to the mobile phone that can do a myriad of functions to a car which can park itself, technology is making our lives easier and more fun. In our homes, technology can also save us money by reducing our bills. By…

Reducing paper use in your urbanisation

Paper is used extensively in homes and around urbanisations for cleaning, printing, communication, packing and much more. But paper manufacture is a huge drain on the world’s forests, not to mention a high user of energy and a polluting manufacturing process. Using recycled paper and recycling the paper you do…

Important Facts regarding Renting out your property in Spain

There’s a lot of demand for short term rentals during the peak season and demand for long term rentals is growing. For decades foreign homeowners in Spain have been renting out their properties at a low level and enjoying the extra income it brings. However there is a really low…

Evicting tenants from your Spanish Property

Renting out your Spanish property is an obvious way to recoup your investment, cover the costs of mortgage payments and community fees and if you are currently unable to sell, allow you to make money from your property whilst the market recovers. Owners have the option to choose short term…

Changing your Administrator

Every community can decide to outsource the management of their community installations, services and book keeping to an Administrator.   The Administrator therefore will be in charge of preparing the budget, managing the works, make payments and handling of all the accounts. While an Administrator needs to have a university degree…