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What is the responsibility of a Community President?

The Law on Horizontal Property states that all communities must have a President and gives this individual certain duties, obligations and rights. Fundamentally he or she is the official representative of the community of property owners and responsible for dealing with individual members, community issues and legal matters. A Community…

Recycling in your community

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Unfortunately Spain is lagging behind much of the rest of Europe with their recycling. According to Eurostat figures Spain recycled only 15 percent of its garbage in 2009, Germany ranked first by recycling half of its waste for that year. Fifty-two percent of Spain’s garbage is dumped in landfills, incineration…

Energy saving tips to cut bills in 2013

On January 1st electricity prices went up and homeowners can expect to see a 3-6% increase on their bills. Given this price hike, home owners and community presidents are actively looking for ways to cut their consumption with the aim of reducing bills and lessening their impact on the environment….

Smart energy meters being introduced by Endesa

There have been a few new EU directives brought into effect regarding saving energy (Directive 2006/32/EC and Directive 2009/72/EC and most recently Orden ITC/3860/2007. The Spanish supplier of electricity Endesa has sent letters to their clients to inform them that in order to comply with these regulations they  will be…