Monthly Archives : November 2012

The Spanish Tax Authority is now taking unpaid taxes direct from bank accounts

The Spanish Tax Authority is now taking unpaid taxes direct from bank accounts.  In 2011 they started with some Warning Letters, The tax authorities sent 300.000 letters to non resident property owners, informing them that there is no record of them paying their Non Resident taxes.

Rules for Community Postboxes

Not having post delivered, or mail going missing can cause big problems for Community Presidents and Owners. To protect owners there are a number of legislations which specify what kind of mailbox each community needs to have and where they should be. Below is an overview of the rules and…

Urbytus invited to attend Emtech

After five years of serious hard work, blood, sweat and a few tears along the way, Urbytus has been selected as one of the few start-up companies who get to attend the Emtech Spain conference (MIT’s Technology Review) this Thursday and Friday 22/23 November 2012.

Malaga, One of the World’s Smart Cities

Malaga prides itself on being part of the International Project of Smart Cities and is ranked 1st in the top 5 smart cities in Spain. The key goals for Malaga Smart City are to reduce CO2 emissions, increase energy efficiency and increase the use of renewable energy to become a…

Spanish Electricity Meter Scam

A number of Spanish home owners have recently received a rather surprising phone call from their power suppliers claiming that they have an outstanding amount on the account (sometimes thousands) which needs to be paid immediately – failure to pay immediately will result in the power being cut off and…