Monthly Archives : August 2012

Flat sharing becomes more popular in Spain.

Economical crisis always brings changes and one of the most recent changes that has come about in Spain is that of flat sharing.  While flat sharing is extremely popular in major capital cities and many other countries, in Spain it has only been popular among the

My Meeting with Marius and Paul of

Last week I had a meeting with Marius and Paul of a Canadian Startup Company that has decided to launch its products initially in Spain the Spanish market. Spain continues to provide a great market opportunity for foreign IT companies and investors.  When we started in 2008 the idea…

Wild Cats taking over our urbanization

Over the past year we have seen a growing number of feral (wild) cats in our urbanization.  To begin with, it was only one and a few neighbours fed it.  Soon it was pregnant and had three kittens, and now this year the kittens have had kittens.  All of a…