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Spanish contradiction

Today was the third day, and second week of a course for “Creating Companies based on Technology” promoted by the Fondo Social Europeo, Ministerio de Industria, y Turismo, Escuela de organizacion industrial y BIC Euronova which is probably the one who is gaining the most out of all this. The…

My version of why the Spanish economy is failing

There is much talk about how the Spanish economy is failing, that there is not enough jobs and how in order to resolve the issue, Hacienda increases tax rates (like the Spanish restaurants increase prices when there is less visitors in order to compensate for the lower income), the Social…

Factors affecting software piracy

The Financial Times, 15 May has a report on software piracy, estimating that software piracy last year reached a record high of $63.4bn. The report and research by Business Software Alliance, estimates that 57% of world’s computer users admitted getting / downloading illegal software and that this figure was