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Is electronic notification legally acceptable?

Management of communities of properties (comunidad de propietarios) in Spain and around the world is always a tricky task.  There are always owners who will not agree or fail to agree with their part of the responsibilities of paying community charges.  This in

All about Internet connection, speed and prices in Spain

As Telefonica announces to offer free internet calls throug O2, its UK operation, it amazes me why it has left its home market in search of others.   Shouldn’t be concentrating on providing a service in Spain?  First of all let’s look at the growth of intenret connection and use in Spain…

Wine, a source of inspiration and delight. Was discovered by King Jamshid.

I read the following remark about wine, in the book of “The teachings of Zoroaster, and the Philosophy of the Parsi Religion” published in 1913.  Wine has been the source of delight and inspiration, from khayam to Hafiz, their work is filled with peoms of love, wine and the soul.

Recovering unpaid Community charges

All property owners in a community are responsible for contributing towards the communal maintenance, up keeping and repairs of their urbanization.  Unfortunately the number of such debtors and unpaid community fees are