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Is it safe or legal to have your community web page on facebook?

I was inundated with emails this morning about issues with the Data Protection and Privacy policy of our program OCM. The biggest scare was as Facebook faces regulatory scrutiny over its handling of personal information after objections to the Irish data

What is a community of owners? Que es una comunidad de propietarios

In Spain, a community of owner or (Comunidad de Propietarios) is covered by law in article 396 of the Civil Act, where these type of properties are by character known as Horizontal Properties or (Propiedad Horizontal).  Horizontal Property in particular is

A must book for All presidents: Commonhold Law in Spain

Just received the book from Felix Jordan a Spanish lawyer has put together one of the best books from facts to court case ruling about communities and the horizontal property of law in Spain. It is a must read book for all presidents and community members.

Reduce your community Electricity Bills

In the course of the past 18 months, the price per kw of electricity has gone up over 20%.  While many owners have taken advantage of the several deals available from Endesa or other companies, including installations of ICPs, most communities have not.

Community repairs? Now you can get a mortgage

As of the beginning of this summer (1 July 2011), presidents of communities can get a mortgage for their community. Up until now the law required that any mortgage that was taken out by a community required the signature of all the owners. 

How to setup a Comunidad de Propietarios (Community of Property Owners).

The global trend in property as towns grow, has turned many villas or individual houses into apartment blocks of all sizes; and many farming lands are converted into larger urbanizations housing private villas. Many of these apartment blocks are no more than 4 to 10 owners and vary from 2…