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How to reduce your community fees

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As promised in the last blogs, I will share with you a number of things we have implemented for reducing our community fees. But before we do that let’s just remind ourselves of something interesting. I would think that by now almost all of us are aware of the energy…

How does the VAT chage affect your community fees?

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The VAT was increased on the first of July. This has already affected all your bills from day to day shopping to petrol, gas and electricity. So how does this affect your income / expenses?

Why should you get OCM for your community?

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We are essentially trying to help owners who are in the dark about what’s going on in their community. Charles Mackenzie-Hill local real estate agent and landlord wrote to me some month’s ago as our product (OCM) resonated with him. Mainly, because as in the service industry is forever trying…

Calling all presidents

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If you are the president of your community you know how difficult it is to keep everyone happy and all questions answered. Many communities have already got a website, but none are multilingual or allow as much functionality as OCM a system that is designed specifically for communities, the president,…