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  • HOA Horror - Let’s imagine an apartment building with ten floors, forty owners, a dozen service providers, and one HOA committee to deal with issues. The committee implements rules and bylaws that everyone need to follow. Not everyone likes them, of course. Conflict will arise.
  • Blockchain legislation: a drawcard for investment in Spain? - In a very interesting development, a Spanish member of parliament for Partido Popular—from which Head of Government Mariano Rajoy also comes—confirmed that their political party is preparing draft text for proposed blockchain legislation.
  • MeetUp in Malaga – Blockchain, Ethereum and Crypto intro with Jordi Baylina - Our Communications Team had the chance to attend the UnBlockingChain#1 MeetUp event, organized by Polaris Link, by UMA Tech, part of the Universidad de Málaga. The main speaker for the evening was Jordi Baylina, a recurring name in the world of blockchain and smart contracts. Baylina is well known as...
  • Gazumping, Gazundering and Smart Contracts - Perhaps two of the most flamboyant words in the dictionary. Their meanings, well… you certainly wouldn’t want to find out when you are close to purchasing or selling property!
  • Presidents Fees. Is it a taxable income? - Is the Presidents fees taxable? How should one account for the fees paid to community presidents? Do they always need to be justified with a receipt? These are some of the questions that face many presidents as they are paid a fee that is sometimes fixed to cover certain expenses.
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