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  • Blockchain legislation: a drawcard for investment in Spain? - In a very interesting development, a Spanish member of parliament for Partido Popular—from which Head of Government Mariano Rajoy also comes—confirmed that their political party is preparing draft text for proposed blockchain legislation.
  • MeetUp in Malaga – Blockchain, Ethereum and Crypto intro with Jordi Baylina - Our Communications Team had the chance to attend the UnBlockingChain#1 MeetUp event, organized by Polaris Link, by UMA Tech, part of the Universidad de Málaga. The main speaker for the evening was Jordi Baylina, a recurring name in the world of blockchain and smart contracts. Baylina is well known as...
  • Gazumping, Gazundering and Smart Contracts - Perhaps two of the most flamboyant words in the dictionary. Their meanings, well… you certainly wouldn’t want to find out when you are close to purchasing or selling property!
  • Presidents Fees. Is it a taxable income? - Is the Presidents fees taxable? How should one account for the fees paid to community presidents? Do they always need to be justified with a receipt? These are some of the questions that face many presidents as they are paid a fee that is sometimes fixed to cover certain expenses.
  • The community President fees. Are they legal - There are lot of questions about the fees of a community president. Can they collect a fee, how much and if it is legal. In this article we answer this common question.
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